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Guide on Group composition and Time for Group Debate
Date : 2022-01-20     Read : 592
Dear All Participants of Group Debate,

As informed before, the group debate will be organized on 3 to 10 Feb. 2022 according to the 6 age clusters (15-17, 18-19, 20-21, 22-23, 24-25, and 26-27) and each debate group will be composed of 5 to 7 teams/individuals of different nationalities.

Group A (aged 15-17) on Feb 3 (Thursday) 
Group B (aged 18-19) on Feb 4 (Friday) 
Group C (aged 20-21) on Feb 7 (Monday) 
Group D (aged 22-23) on Feb 8 (Tuesday) 
Group E (aged 24-25) on Feb 9 (Wednesday) 
Group F (aged 26-27) on Feb 10 (Thursday) 

Taking into account the different time zones, two time slots were allocated for the group debate - 4-6 PM and 10-12 PM (KST, GMT+9).

You can find your name in the group composition and time zone in the attachment.
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