Guidelines on Group Debate

  • Guidelines for the Group Debate
    • ① Duration for the group debate: 100 minutes
    • ② Number of Participants: 5-7 teams per group debate
    • ③ Participants will be divided into 2 or 3 age clusters for group debate
    • ④ Group debate is composed of two stages: The first round is about the contents of the essay and the second (final) round is about a common topic related to the theme of the YPC 2022
    • ⑤ Structure of the group debate: Introduction by the moderator (2 minutes), opening statement (5 minutes per each team), Q and A among participants, Q and A with the panel of judges, and closing statement (3 minutes per each team)
    • ⑥ The theme for the final round of the group debate (15 Feb. 2022) will be announced on 20 January 2022
  • Judging Criteria for the Group Debate

Group Debate  3 to 10 February 2022

Judging Criteria and Scoring  for the group debate participants

Area Criteria Score
Opening Statement Is the statement relevant to the guiding questions, substantive, persuasive, clear, fluent and confident? 20
Q and A among Participants Are the questions relevant and critical? 10
Are the answers responsive and relevant to the question, coherent, logical and substantive? 20
Answer to the question from the Panel of Judges Is the answer responsive and relevant to the question, coherent, logical and substantive? 20
Closing Statements Is the statement responsive to the topics discussed, substantive and persuasive? 20
Others - Team work among 2 persons (sharing of the tasks)
- Attitude and manner (observance of code of conduct)
- Time management – observance of time limits
Total 100

  • Code of Conduct for Group Debate
    • ① Be punctual (join the debate room 10 minutes before the start) and observe time limits.
    • ② Listen and speak with respect.
    • ③ Follow the guide questions faithfully.
    • ④ Speak your mind rather than read the text.
    • ⑤ Speak about your own personal experiences and ideas as much as possible.
    • ⑥ Use your imagination creatively for proposal.
    • ⑦ Speak clearly and not too fast.
    • ⑧ Ask the substantive and challenging – critical yet constructive – questions during the Q and A among the participants.
    • ⑨ Respond to the questions faithfully when answering the question.
    • ⑩ Share the tasks equally between the 2 team members (opening and closing statement, 2 questions to other participants).