PyeongChang YPA2021

PyeongChang Youth Peace Ambassadors (YPAs) are the 10 winners of Youth Peace Challenge (YPC) 2021 (7 individuals and 3 teams) who were appointed with a year-long mandate until the 4th PyeongChang Peace Forum (PPF) to be held on 22 to 24 February 2022.

The YPAs are honorary ambassadors with the mission to practice and promote the PyeongChang Peace Spirit in their own country and internationally as individuals and a group.

The YPAs are carrying out various activities as youth peacemakers i) to support the peacebuilding process on the Korean Peninsula, ii) promote the PyeongChang Peace Forum (PPF) and organize a session during the PPF, and iii) promote the Youth Peace Challenge (YPC) and serve as the member of the panel of judges for the YPC.

List of 10 YPAs 2021

Prize Name (Team and individual) Nationality
PyeongChang Youth
Peace Prize
[Asia Pacific Youth Council]
Tae Young Bae, Matthew Shen
Shukurgeldi Myradov Turkmenistan
PyeongChang Youth SDGs
Leadership Prize
[Among Youth]
Seoyoung Lee, Jaeyeon Yoo, Chaeyun Kim
South Korea
Chikita Edrini Marpaung Indonesia
PyeongChang Youth SDGs
Partnership Prize
[Peace Warrior]
Minkyung Ko, Daye Jang, Seohyeon Choi
South Korea
Sanduni Dissanayake Sri Lanka
PyeongChang Youth SDGs
Action Prize
Imani Luvanga Tanzania
Seal Sean Loo Malaysia
Ishtiaq Hussain Pakistan
Chelsea Joy Serezo Philippines
Total 15 (7 Individuals & 3 Teams)